written stories

a glimpse of the places I’ve captured
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Los Angeles freeways, undersea mountains 4,000 feet below the surface, Californian kelp forests, Lake Huron seafloors, distant Hawaiian coral reefs, the Gulf of Mexico, Cambridge museum exhibits, old haunts in Harvard Square
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a purview of the topics I’ve tackled
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science policy, deep-sea expeditions, species discovery, microbial ecology, sound under the sea, underrepresentation in science, environmental justice, invasive species, conservation, sustainability, restaurant businesses
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here are selected highlights

environmental stories

That recycling symbol doesn’t always mean what you think it does | CalMatters, August 2021

California is betting $61 million that new highway crossings will keep wildlife safe | CalMatters, July 2021

I shared my reporting on wildlife crossings for the PBS SoCal Update and KCET-TV.

Newly Named Nuisance Alga Chondria tumulosa Identified in Pearl and Hermes Atoll | NOAA Sanctuaries, July 2020

An Octopus’ Garden | Environment Coastal & Offshore (ECO) Magazine, November 2020

Lending a Kelping Hand in Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary | NOAA Sanctuaries, January 2020

Davidson Seamount: Oasis in the Deep | NOAA Sanctuaries, June 2020

Changing Tides | NOAA Sanctuaries, October 2020

Eavesdropping on Dolphins in Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary | NOAA Sanctuaries, April 2020

Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary Sinkholes Hold Clues to Earth’s Distant Past | NOAA Sanctuaries, March 2020

Climate Change: New Exhibit Engages Visitors at the Harvard Museum of Natural History | The Harvard Independent, February 2019

Land Under Siege: Harvard Undergrads Push for Recognition of Environmental Justice | The Harvard Independent, February 2019

classic reporting

Dust to Dust: Will California Lawmakers Legalize Human Composting — Transforming Bodies Into Soil? | CalMatters, August 2021

Bullet Train Budget Battle: Should California Spend More on Urban Transit, Not High-Speed Rail? | CalMatters, July 2021

Will Psychedelics Become Legal in California? | CalMatters, June 2021

The Invisible Hand | The Harvard Independent, March 2020

Brain Break Goes Remote | The Harvard Independent, March 2020

How Switching to Sustainable Dining Really Looks | The Harvard Independent, November 2019

Veggie Grill Expands to Harvard Square | The Harvard Independent, October 2019

artist profiles and reviews

There’s Something Eternal About This Dust | The Harvard Independent, May 2020

A Chemist’s Purview On Creative Writing | The Harvard Independent, October 2019

Waving Through A Farkas Hall Window | The Harvard Independent, February 2020

Sonic States | The Harvard Independent, February 2018

personal essays

Miracle on Garden Street | The Harvard Independent, May 2021